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About Dera Restaurant

Dera Restaurant History

If anyone ever tries to tell you anything about real Pakistani Food, please do not believe him or her. As a true Pakistani you have to understand that real Pakistani food is what we offer at Dera Restaurant. We are not boasting about ourselves, its our customers who travel from all parts of the UK, as far as Isle of Wight in the south and Scotland in the north, who have awarded us with such a high rank in Pakistani Food offered in the whole of UK. We opened in February 2010 and since then all our customers always complained about the size of Dera Restaurant.

Our Promise

To all the food lovers of UK and EUROPE, we offer Dera Restaurant Cheetham Hill Manchester. We can promise you two things, first you will love the decor and food, and second you will not only come back but also bring all your friends and family. We strongly believe that our food at Dera Restaurant, is something people should queue up for and after all the agony of waiting, when they actually eat the food and enjoy the atmosphere, deep within themselves, they should feel that it was worth it. We look forward to see you all with your kids, moms, dadee,nanee and everybody.